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11500 m² of Fertile Land Comes with the Property
Local governmental map showing the position and borders of the 11500 square meters of land belonging to the house.

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Grapes, Olives, Almonds & More…

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The productive Mediterranean ground supports approximately 400 mature grape vines, 78 mature olive trees and 57 mature almond trees. In addition to this there is a highly productive lemon tree, 6 apple trees, 3 pear trees, 2 quince trees, 2 plum trees and a very large fig tree.

With lots of free water available, the potential for vegetable growing is enormous and an original 30,000 litres brick built water tank is ideally positioned to irrigate the large terrace just below the house.

You can also find rosemary, mint, basil, dill, Artichokes, spinach and many other herb and floral varieties growing wild on the land.

The Mountain Stream & Water Rights
The pure water of the mountain stream running the full length of the property is famous in the area, with people traveling for miles to draw from the main 'font' located in Sella village.

The house comes with full rights to the use of the water running in the stream.

Annual Produce, Harvest and Sale
The numerous fruit trees and vines established on the land require only as little or as much effort as you wish to give. None of the trees or vines require any more than the water received from natural rain fall.

You could even allow a local farmer to make the necessary work, permitting him to keep all the produce in return for a years supply of extra virgin olive oil and a few bottles of rustic wine.

Alternatively, with minimal effort, you can cultivate the land your self and either sell the produce to the local cooperatives or use it to produce your own wine and olive oil.


There are two different varieties of vine on the land. One type, planted on the edge of many of the terraces makes for delicious eating, while the other type found in rows at the center of 2 terraces is for wine production. There are approximately 37 grape vines producing eating grapes and over 400 producing wine grapes.

Trimming the vines of excess foliage is done in winter and harvesting of the grapes is made at the end of summer. Grape vines require no irrigation more than the natural rain and grow perfectly in the climate of the area. The grape harvest can be utilized how you wish, but the option of selling to the local wine cooperative is always an easy and quick way of capitalizing on your produce.


Olives from the 78 mature trees on the land are harvested in November and can be easily sold to the local olive oil cooperative or converted into extra virgin olive oil paid in lieu of money.

As with the grapes and almond trees, no irrigation is required over and above the water that is supplied by rain.


Some of the worlds tastiest almonds come from this region and there are 57 mature almond trees on the land. Almonds are harvested in September.
A Few Trees for the Kitchen
The land has a lemon tree, a fig tree, 3 pear trees, 2 quince trees, 2 plumb trees and a few apple trees and although the produce is not enough to sell, the organic fruit of these trees provides a great addition to the ingredients in the kitchen.

1 Lemon Tree

6 Small Apple Trees

1 Large Fig Tree

3 Pear Trees

2 Quince Trees

2 Plum Trees

Herbs and Wild Vegetables
Wild herbs and vegetables grow on the land and can be easily picked and brought to the table. Totally organic and delicious!





Wild Artichokes

Wild Spinach

Develop the Business Potential of the Land
Casa D'Arch is located slap bang in the center of one of the most popular mountain climbing areas on the Costa Blanca, in fact it is only a 5 minute walk to the 'Refugio", the historic base camp close to the start of many of the climbing routes.

With so much land available on the property the potential exists to invest in the purchase or rent of temporary camping pods in order to offer accommodation to the many climbers and walkers who visit this area. Click the photo to visit camping pods UK who also service Spain.