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Casa D'Arch of Sella is For Sale
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Casa D'Arch is a completely renovated farm house with over 11,000 square meters of terraced vineyard, olive and almond grove, 3 km from the village of Sella, nestled in the Sierra Aitana Mountains rising just behind Benidorm and Villa Joyosa on the Costa Blanca coast line of Spain.

Fully refurbished in 2005, the exterior of the house has a contemporary Mediterranean look while the original stonework detailing adds an elegant rustic touch to the property.

All exterior windows and doors are fitted with triple shift anti-theft locks with exterior wall lighting installed at the front and back of the house.


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Entering through the porched front door, the entrance hall leads to 3 ensuite bedrooms, a reception area and large viewing balcony, all on the second floor. An attractive curved stairway then leads to the first floor living room, then on to a modern fully fitted kitchen.

The house is fitted throughout with modern UPVC framed double glazed windows in a wood finish, modern sun shutters and anti mosquito blinds. The main front and back doors are made of solid wood and are also fitted with anti mosquito blinds.

The large outside Patio area at the back of the house has grape vines growing over a trellised covering which provides very good shade in the summer months, made more attractive by hanging bunches of grapes.

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Lunch on the patio!
Swimming Pool & BBQ Area
Adjacent to the patio is an immaculate 10m by 4m swimming pool with its own easily operated filtration, robot cleaning system and winter cover.

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Vine Covered Passage & Stairs to Roof Terrace
The grape vine trellis continues from the patio and runs all the way up the side of the house leading to the roof terrace stairs.

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Roof Top Terrace with Amazing Views
The roof top terrace is a fully tiled child safe area enclosed by 1 meter high walls and surrounded by breathtaking panoramic scenery. The whole ambiance is of tranquility, with only the sound of the birds and the mountain stream.

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Out Building 1

Near the pool is a building with 3 substantial storage rooms approximately 3m x 4m; one fitted with a wash basin and toilet. This building could be easily converted into an ensuit chalet.

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Out Building 2
Another large storage area currently holds tools and equipment for use on the house and land.

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Mains Electricity & Free Water
The property is connected to the national electricity grid and equipped with 2 new 12,000 Liter water storage tanks which can be replenished conveniently by purchasing a delivery or by pumping pure mountain water from the river, free of charge.
Storage water tanks

There is also a brick built water deposit of approx 30,000 litres which is fed by rain water conserved by a very efficient gutter system on the house and used for irrigating the lower terrace.

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Mobile Telephone Reception
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Despite being nestled in the mountains, the house does get mobile phone connectivity.
Satellite TV & Internet
There is a 3 meter satellite dish which is currently set up to receive UK television channels.

Internet can be connected via the mobile phone network.

Local Runabout
A well maintained Renault Clio with full service records is included with the house; a perfect little runabout for shopping in Sella, trips to the coastal towns and beaches, larger hypermarkets in Benidorm, and when used in conjunction with a long term car parking space at the airport, the car provides transport to and from the house for your arival and departure.
Now take a look at The Land with vineyard, olive trees and much more that comes along with this unique property.